15 best Will & Grace episodes to watch while waiting for the new season

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Das Boob (Season 2, Episode 3)

Hands down, this might be one of the funniest episodes of Will & Grace in the entire series. That’s a pretty big statement, but the water bra gag in “Das Boob” will remain one of the most ridiculous moments ever, and it will never not be hilarious.

Grace gets an exciting feature about her design business in a local paper, and it prompts a high school crush, John Gregorio, to call her up and ask her out. Will and Karen look at the photo in the newspaper, and realize her boobs look way bigger than in person. Obviously, they assume that’s the reason he called her in the first place, but Grace insists it’s because he likes her work.

Karen finally gets Grace to realize John Gregorio is interested because of her boobs, and takes her shopping for a hydra-bra, which is “water-filled for extra-perkiness” to enhance her chest. She finds the concept ridiculous at first, but once she has it on, she can’t stop bouncing around to jiggle her new boobs. But you knew something had to go wrong.

Grace gives Karen a hug, and her broche gets stuck to Grace’s blouse. You see where this is going. Grace is admiring the art at John Gregorio’s gallery opening, and doesn’t realize a steady stream of water spraying out of her side-boob. Will notices and quickly runs cover and grabs her boobs to stop the water.

John loses interest after seeing how “shallow” Grace is, but later bumps into Karen and immediately stares right into her cleavage. Meanwhile, Grace is spraying his paintings with the water leaking from her boobs. It’s all so ridiculous, but so perfect, and so very Will & Grace.