Watch Infinity War’s behind the scenes clips that show how it all came together


The Avengers: Infinity War home release is almost out, which means a lot more features are on the way showing how the most ambitious crossover came to be.

Avengers: Infinity War has been dubbed the most ambitious crossover ever. Dispute it if you will, but the massive, star-packed film truly pulled off the unimaginable. It collected characters across 18 of its movies and brought them all together for one epic film. (Okay, maybe two epic films if you count Avengers 4, even though it hasn’t  come out yet.)

The road to making Avengers: Infinity War was a long one, but the behind the scenes footage out now makes the whole process look rewarding in the end. Check out the latest clips from Infinity War here, and try not to get emotional over all the feels from the ending you might still be harboring.

Fighting on Titan

This behind-the-scenes clip takes a look at the fight on Titan, and the showdown between Thanos and Iron Man. Here, you can see how things really came together from the bare-bones staging. There’s hardly any real scenery on the set, Robert Downey Jr. wears half of an Iron Man suit, and Josh Brolin’s Thanos outfit is mainly a motion capture suit with a Thanos cut-out at the top. The rest is visual effects magic!

“Bring Me Thanos”

We get more insight into the movie from directors Joe and Anthony Russo in this clip. They praised their own work as being “the most fulfilling creative endeavor [they’ve] ever experienced.” The second half of the video clip shows how the stunts came together through the project’s stunt coordinator, Sam Hargrave. Even if most of the movie is green screen and visual effects, there’s still a lot of dirty work actual actors have to do to make the fight scenes come together.

Choosing who goes

We’ve saved the most emotional for last. Joe and Anthony Russo talk about the process of choosing who gets snapped away by Thanos here. While we wish it didn’t have to be that way, it does make for great, emotional storytelling that the Russos strategically handled. For example, Okoye’s mission is to protect the king, T’Challa, and yet not even she could protect him from what Thanos did. We’re just glad this clip doesn’t show the final scene between Tony Stark and Peter Parker — because a single human can only handle so much sadness.

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These clips and more will be featured on the home release of Avengers: Infinity War. It’ll be available for digital download on July 31, and on DVD/Blu-ray Aug. 14.