Ryan Reynolds reboots Home Alone with his R-rated adult comedy Stoned Alone


Ryan Reynolds is taking the challenge of rebooting the classic family comedy Home Alone by teaming up with Fox to produce Stoned Alone.

Home Alone turned into a box-office bonanza for Fox, becoming a Christmas classic for TV viewers. How do you top the heart-warming movie that made Macaulay Culkin into a child star?

Sign up Ryan Reynolds to produce a reboot that gets an R rating for its weed-focused storyline aptly titled: Stoned Alone.

Stoned Alone is set to rock out

Fans of Home Alone will recognize elements of the plot of Stoned Alone. But rather than rosy-cheeked kid Kevin McCallister being left home alone by his family, Deadline reports that Stoned Alone features a guy in his 20s who grows weed. This stoner experiences a holiday bummer when he misses the plane for a holiday ski vacation.

So what do you do if you’re a 20-something weed grower feeling sorry for himself during the holidays? Get high, of course. However, our Stoned Alone hero overdoes it, getting in trouble with paranoia.

Adding to the excitement, thieves have broken into his home (another Home Alone plot element re-used for this film). High on weed and energized by paranoid feelings, Stoned Alone‘s lead character fights to hold down the fort.

Ryan Renolds goes for box office gold

The big question: Can Ryan Reynolds, as producer, turn Stoned Alone into another high-grossing box office hit? Ryan will be producing this through his Maximum Effort productions, which is based at Fox. George Dewey, also of Maximum Effort, will be the executive producer.

Currently in development at Fox, Stoned Alone will be helmed by Augustine Frizzell. The script was penned by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, with Fox executive Matt Reilly credited for the concept.

Although it’s Reynolds who has earned public recognition through his films, Frizzell is a rising star in the growing world of female directors. She served as the director for Never Goin’ Back. In addition to that film, which debuted at Sundance and is set for release from A24, Augustine is directing Euphoria for HBO.

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The original Home Alone brought home $476 million, according to the Deadline report, and of course there were several sequels. So we have a prediction if Stoned Alone does just as well. If it gets a sequel, we think Stoned Alone 2: Lost In Weeds should work as a good title. You can thank us later, Ryan Reynolds.