20 moments that prove Ugly Betty was ahead of its time

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Betty not choosing Gio or Henry

Like we mentioned earlier, Betty Suarez never had an issue landing cute guys, but it seemed like the time was never quite right for most of them. She fell for Henry, but his ex-girlfriend came back into the picture with a surprise pregnancy. Then there was Gio, the well-meaning sandwich guy who comes into her life as a friend but soon blossoms into something more.

When Henry comes back into the picture, things get complicated for Betty and Gio. On the season 2 finale, Betty is torn between both men in a love triangle she never expected to be in. Henry, who was living in Tucson, comes back to New York to ask Betty to return to Tucson with him where they can get married and she can work at a magazine there. But she just agreed to go on a romantic Italian getaway with Gio.

Betty feels so torn between both of them. Her father doesn’t like the idea of her jetting off to Italy, but Claire tells Betty she needs to stop playing it so safe. Finally, Ignacio tells her to look inside her heart and she’ll find her answer.

Betty gets knocked out after running into both Henry and Gio during the company baseball game, and she starts hallucinating about both possibilities. First, she’s Henry’s wife in Tucson, but when she walks out of the bedroom, she sees Gio in a hotel room in Rome. Imaginary Gio and Henry start yelling at Betty to make a choice, so she jumps off the balcony (dramatic). When she wakes up, she knows exactly what to do.

The episode leaves us hanging about what happens, but with no ring on her finger and a luggage at her side, we assume she ends up with Gio… but then the next season, we find out that she chose neither of them and went on a soul-searching trip all by herself! Get it, girl, you don’t need a man to make you happy!