20 moments that prove Ugly Betty was ahead of its time

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Hello… it’s Adele

Everyone loves Adele, especially after her wildly successful album 25. Back in 2009, Adele was already shooting towards superstardom, but a guest appearance on Ugly Betty no doubt helped her out stateside.

On this season 3 episode, Betty, Marc, and their YETI partner (and Betty’s beau) Matt manage to land Adele to perform for a project their doing for the program. They want to have Adele performing at the Planetarium for their photo shoot, but Matt seems less interested in completing the program than Marc and Betty do, and starts slacking.

This project is crucial for them landing major job offers at the end of their YETI program, and they worry that Matt is going to cost them major opportunities. First, he forgets to book the Planetarium, and when Betty finally gets the location back, her and Matt’s public arguing causes them to lose Adele too when her manager hears them.

Betty and Daniel end up coming together for the perfect plan. Daniel wants to marry his fiance Molly, who is terminally ill, so they use the location for their wedding instead. Matt comes back to apologize to Betty, and introduces her to Adele, who he convinced to work with them after all.

Adele is her usual charming, very-English self (“Turrah!”) and she also performs her single “Right As Rain” for the newly married bride and groom. Betty, Marc, and Matt manage to salvage their project and photograph the wedding in the Planetarium as Adele performs for them all. Their YETI advisor Jodi Papadakis loved the project, but in the end, they don’t get any job opportunities.

Even before the entire world fell for Adele the way it has now, Ugly Betty knew how amazing she was and brought her on for a very special moment between Daniel and Molly. Who knows, maybe Ugly Betty really did make Adele famous! (Juuust kidding.)