Why Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is purely delightful


Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is here to give you laughs, tears, and plenty of Mamma Mia! throwback memories.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again will bring on all of the emotions, as we continue the story of Sophie, Sky, and the small island of Kalokairi that they call home.

There is something so delightful about this sequel. Perhaps it is the unabashed nature of it, reminding us why we loved the OG movie in the first place. Seeing many of our Mamma Mia favorites on the big screen again is a joyous experience, especially when Cher makes her appearance.

A little advice from this writer though — don’t go into Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again thinking you’re going to be watching the next Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Get your friends, get some snacks, and settle down for a few hours of fun in the sun in Greece with ABBA hits.

What makes this movie so special? We’re going to look at some specifics from the cast to the storyline and beyond!

The cast

Casting Cher as Meryl Streep’s mother seems insane because they’re not that different in age but it works. We definitely all cheered and cried when Cher appeared on screen. Along with her iconic appearance, we saw new, delightful additions such as Andy Garcia as Fernando, and the perfect casting of a young Tanya in Jessica Keenan Wynn (seriously, she’s a little Christine Baranski). And of course, Colin Firth dancing around in spandex again? Yes please.

The music

One of the main concerns going into the sequel was the music. Were the songs just going to be the same as before? Well, yes and no. With a take on the classic songs from Donna and the Dynamos, the movie does an incredible job of showing the original of Mamma Mia as well as bringing new songs into the film.

The story

We already know that Donna had flings with three men and then discovered she was pregnant with Sophie by the end when all three were gone. But that’s the extent of the story we knew. Now, we get more background as we watch Sophie trying to honor her mother by creating a hotel on the island. The sequel dives into the love story between Donna and Sam, offering us a lot of very vintage flashbacks.

The tears (all the tears)

When the movie begins, there is a clear lack of Donna Sheridan. The character, portrayed by Meryl Streep in the first film, was the focal point. When it was revealed that her character was not there, everyone was wondering what happened to Donna. Later in the film, it’s confirmed that she died a year ago and having Pierce Brosnan sadly singing “SOS” on screen was not something I ever thought I would be crying over.

Truly, crying throughout Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again shocked audiences everywhere. It is so emotionally charged and ready to give fans the story they longed for. From heartache to the pain of loss, everything about this movie makes you want to smile, laugh, and cry.

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is in theaters now.