Cats the musical is becoming a movie because 2018 is the worst


Cats is not a great musical, but that isn’t stopping Hollywood from making it into a movie. With an all-star cast, it will still probably be terrible.

Want to see Cats made into a movie? No? Too bad, they’re making the terrible Andrew Lloyd Webber musical into a live action film. Why? Because 2018 is a dumpster fire that just keeps burning.

It is truly horrendous. It is just a bunch of cats singing about being cats. As someone who loves the animal, even I couldn’t stand to watch it. So why make it into a movie? Because they somehow managed to get Sir Ian McKellan, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden to join the cast.

Do we have to see this movie? Do we have to sit through Grizabella singing “Memory”? Look, the show isn’t for everyone. But also can’t it just be that terrible musical that people are ashamed to admit to liking? Why does it have to be a movie that will have trailers we’ll all be forced to watch?

Is there anything redeemable about this show? No, but they’re trying with this all-star cast. Granted, the last time they tried to put Swift in a movie musical, it ended up with Samantha Barks playing Eponine.

This isn’t going to be like Mamma Mia!, where we love to watch it even though we know it is a mess. Instead, it’s just a bad musical that is going to get shoved down our throats as they promote it and if that’s not the epitome of 2018, who knows what is?

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Even though Cats is not a great musical and should just fade into our memories — you know, all alone in the moonlight — keep checking back on Culturess as we take a look at how this will go down.