The 100 season 5 episode 11 preview: The Dark Year


This week’s episode of The 100 will finally enlighten fans about the events of the “Dark Year” and how they changed Octavia.

Fans of The 100 have been hearing about the “Dark Year” since the beginning of the show’s fifth season. And while we know that it was a terrible time period, responsible for shaping Octavia into the leader she’s become, we still don’t know exactly what happened during that year.

That changes this week. On Tuesday, viewers will head back in time once again. And this time, we’ll finally learn the intricate details of the year that Wonkru is so quiet about.

The episode’s preview doesn’t offer much more insight than that, but it does suggest that we’ll get the story from Abby’s perspective.

Watch the promo for “The Dark Year” here.

The preview opens with a brief shot of present-day Octavia, then quickly shifts to Abby. That’s right, it looks like Abby was merely passed out at the end of “The Warriors Will.

Abby’s finally having a conversation with Clarke and Madi, one in which she tells them, “We did things no human being should ever have to do.” It’s obvious that she’s referring to the “Dark Year,” and then the trailer shifts to a flashback shot of the bunker.

This shot shows Kane, Indra, and Cooper standing around a table. All of them look extremely uncomfortable, and the presence of the table might add fire to the cannibalism theory that dominates fan discussions surrounding the “Dark Year.” That certainly would be one way to explain the lack of bodies in the underground bunker.

“We had full compliance,” Abby continues, essentially confirming that some sort of culling occurred. And while it’s comforting that Wonkru seems to have gotten permission before killing half of hundreds, it’s no less disturbing.

There’s also a brief glimpse of Abby waking up with electrodes attached to her. Judging by the lighting, this one doesn’t seem to be a scene from the past. It’s probable that Clarke and Madi had to resuscitate Abby following her overdose at the end of “The Warriors Will.” Still, we’re glad she survived to see her daughter again.

Several moments in the promo also show Octavia holding a gun, crying and distraught as she does. Whatever happens during this week’s episode, we know one thing for sure: We’ll be getting old Octavia and some stunning acting from Marie Avgeropoulos.

The promo ends with Abby saying, “It was me.” It’s unclear what she’s referring to here. She could be explaining the fact that she stole pills from the bunker, allowing Kane to take the fall for it. Or she could be confessing to playing a part in whatever atrocity happened during the “Dark Year.” Whichever it is, we’ll find out in just a few days.

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“The Dark Year” airs on Tuesday, July 24 at 8 p.m. EST.