The 100: Has Octavia finally gone too far?


If fans of The 100 didn’t hate Octavia Blake already, “The Warriors Will” likely changed their minds.

The fifth season of The 100 has been full of surprises, Octavia’s character development chief among them. The ruler marching to war over Shallow Valley is certainly not the same girl who won the conclave six years ago. And even if you’ve enjoyed watching her transition to Blodreina, you’ll probably agree that she took things a tad too far during “The Warriors Will.”

It’s bad enough that Octavia was willing to throw Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia into the fighting pits just to regain the respect of her people. But brutal as it was, at least that decision was made for political reasons. The same can’t be said for her choice to set fire to the hydro-farm.

After Monty informs Wonkru that there’s an alternative to war, many of them are furious with their leader for keeping it from them. And really, what did she expect? But Octavia’s reaction does nothing to benefit her; if anything, it lost her the loyalty of even more of the grounders.

Burning the hydro-farm wasn’t a clever leadership tactic. It was the equivalent of a child pitching a fit after not getting what they want. Octavia the tyrant was interesting. Octavia the spoiled brat? Not so much.

And as she goes further and further to get what she wants, viewers are left to wonder whether Octavia’s character can even be redeemed. Recent episodes have gone to great lengths to show that pieces of the old Octavia are still in there, even if they only surface when Bellamy is involved.

But despite those brief glimpses of humanity, fans have too many reasons to believe that Octavia is too far gone. She even says so during “The Warriors Will.” It’ll take far more than saving her brother from execution to make up for all she’s done. And even then, she won’t be fit to lead.

The next episode, “The Dark Year,” will shed some light on how Octavia got to this point. But until then, fans are left to wonder what horrors Octavia endured that led her to become such a ruthless tyrant. They must be bad if even Wonkru won’t speak of them.

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“The Dark Year” airs on Tuesday, July 24 at 8 p.m. EST.