25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Harry Potter characters are by no means new to the convention circuit. Every year at SDCC, you can probably spot about 100 of the boy who lived running around with this friends. So why is this Beauxbaton cosplayer so special? First, they’re very rare to see at a convention.

Normally Harry Potter fans want to represent their fave. Whether it is their Hogwarts house or their favorite character from the series, they put their energy there. We know very little about the Beauxbatons except that that’s where Fleur Delacour came from.

So to see someone representing the French wizarding school is a wonderful site to see! They don’t get nearly enough love. Anytime we can spot a student from Beauxbaton or even Drumstrang, it makes our Harry Potter fandom hearts flutter.

Harry Potter provided a community of fans who just love to appreciate this series together. They can go out, find others like them, and have the joy of magic in their lives once again. It is just really cool to see someone who loves the Beauxbatons enough to bring that look to SDCC.

Maybe it is about time we got a Beauxbatons series?