25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Jon Snow and Margaery Tyrell

You know nothing, Jon Snow, except that there will be a million Jon Snow cosplayers at any convention you plan on attending. What makes this threesome one of the best Game of Thrones cosplayers out there is the accuracy.

So often, you see a poorly done Jon Snow — a black fur coat is both easy but a tired way to go about things. So when you see someone who truly embodies the bastard son of Ned Stark, it is quite the sight for any fan, especially one at SDCC.

That being said, this Margaery Tyrell also gives her Jon Snow a run for his money. Not only is she in perfect character with her grandmother, but she also just embodies the character in a way that only Natalie Dormer has done before her.

A good Game of Thrones cosplay can go a long way and these three truly brought to life the characters in a fun way. Too bad there wasn’t too much Game of Thrones content at SDCC this year for them to enjoy.

It’s okay though, they brought Jon and Margaery to life and walked the floor as if a war for the Iron Throne was not happening around them (Margaery may she rest in peace).