25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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With the upcoming Aquaman, we better see some more Mera cosplays because this one is pretty incredible. The wife of Arthur Curry, Mera earns her title at his side by being pretty badass. With fiery red hair and a green leotard, Mera is one queen who can hold her own against any of her husband’s foes.

Mera is no man’s prize and she isn’t someone who is just going to sit back while her husband talks to his fish friends. If anything, she’s the reason Arthur Curry is willing to take on the battles he does. So this cosplayer is great because she brings to life Mera in a way that exudes all that confidence and more, including her bright red hair.

It is going to be incredible to see Amber Heard take to the screen as Mera but this cosplayer shows the simple nature of Mera’s costume and what it could represent. So often these characters are changed in the film adaptations to fit their ideals but Mera isn’t one of them.

She’s simply awesome and this cosplayer recognized that majestic nature and brought it to life in a pretty incredible way. Now, lets get some more Meras out there on the cosplay scene!