25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Selina Kyle is an SDCC standard. With so many versions, it is easy to see at least four different Catwoman prowling the floor. Why is this one so amazing then? Well, she brought to life the appeal and amazingness of Michelle Pfeiffer to San Diego.

Michelle Pfeiffer alone is easy to love, but if you go back and watch her as Catwoman, that love is multiplied. She’s incredible, sexy, and one of the best Batman characters to ever grace the screen.

Maybe it is the addition of a mini Selina Kyle to the mix but this is one cosplay we want to see more of! With Gotham out there, their Catwoman reminds us of the true humanity behind Selina Kyle. So while Michelle Pfeiffer’s take may be a little out there, there is still a side to Selina that helps others as well as herself.

Selina Kyle is one of the greatest characters in the Batman canon (or in comic book history really) and to see her on the SDCC floor in any capacity is really awesome.