25 epic cosplayers from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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Green Lantern

Seeing a Jessica Cruz running around SDCC probably brought happiness to the masses. Part of the Green Lanterns, Jessica is an icon in a way that Hal Jordan could only dream of. Maybe it is because women have wanted an equal playing space in the comic world for some time but seeing these awesome ladies represented in cosplay just makes them that much cooler.

Is she the only Jessica Cruz of the convention world? Probably not. But she was awesome and brought this Green Lantern to life in a new light. A green light, if you will.

Maybe this is the addition the DC Extended Universe needs! Rather than bringing in a new Hal Jordan (because we all want it to be Armie Hammer), maybe Jessica Cruz will have her time among the Justice League.

This cosplay is even more wonderful because it shows us how much the DCEU (and even the MCU) could improve with more female heroes. We all love comics but there is still a lack of female representation of all races and types. So let’s use this cosplay to get Jessica Cruz and the Lanterns their own movie!