Aquaman set to be bigger and better than we could have expected


Aquaman excitement has been steadily building since it was announced that the superhero would get his own solo movie. Now we have new details to enjoy.

Thanks to fans at San Diego Comic-Con, people who couldn’t attend were treated to the different panels and events, including the much-anticipated, Aquaman panel.

Prior to the actual Aquaman panel at SDCC, James Wan shared with Nerdist what inspired his process for the film. He also pointed out that he considered the movie to be a journey revolving around the hero, saying “what’s fun is the journey they go on.”

Of course, the idea of the hero’s journey is something that is very popular in Japanese cinema, and it that is also what helped to inspire Aquaman. Plus, there was also the fact that Wan would be working with Jason Momoa, who is a lot like the character he portrays. He is mischievous and fun in his own ways, and that is something Aquaman can relate to.

As James Wan explained, his work with Momoa on this movie was a partnership, because it was about taking this hero on a true journey of figuring out how to bring his two worlds together. At the same time, a big theme of the film is dealing with tragedy and family. According to Wan, it feels a bit Shakespearean at times, and that is thanks to the original comics.

However, the details and new information did not stop there, as we then got even more out of the actual panel for Aquaman (even if it was relatively short considering it was a shared panel with other Warner Bros. properties).

In Hall H on July 21, fans had the chance to hear from some of the stars of the movie, as well as the film’s director, James Wan. Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II were all there to share their own stories of working on this film.

One of the topics they touched upon was what went into filming such an epic movie. Jason Momoa talked about having to often wear a harness in order to shoot so many of the scenes, especially the underwater ones. He even joked about having a rash because of all the harness scenes he did.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II then talked about the fact that he took the role, even though he did not know how to swim. Of course, swim lessons were a must, especially considering his role as Black Manta.

Even Nicole Kidman chimed in on her own filming adventures, talking about one of her first scenes in the movie. In the scene, Kidman is actually laying on a rocky shore with waves pouring over her. The actress even said she was waiting for bigger and bigger waves to crash over her as she filmed the scene. Even James Wan chimed in to say how much of a trooper Kidman was, considering they really were pummeling her with a water tank.

Perhaps the biggest moment of SDCC was the premiere of the Aquaman trailer, which took place in the middle of the panel. And once the cast returned to finish up their panel it was clear that even the audience was excited about what they had seen.

While this may be a superhero film in the DCEU, James Wan made it clear that this is going to be so much more than the usual superhero movie. Instead, he describes it as “more of a science fiction movie.” And that makes sense if you have already seen the trailer.

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Unfortunately, there was actually an additional trailer released at the end of the panel which will apparently not be released to the public. According to what little has been revealed, thanks to, we know that this trailer offers up some spoilers for the movie that the DCEU does not want to spill yet. At the same time, it seems this trailer also makes it clear that Aquaman is going to be even bigger than anyone could have imagined.