25 of the best fictional planets to visit

KRYPTON (Photo by: SYFY)
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22. Cybertron (Transformers)

Why not go back to where it all began? I mean, you don’t think that the Transformers came from just anywhere, did you?

As you may have guessed, Cybertron is a heavily engineered world. Sort of. According to the most complete and craziest version of the story, the creation of Cybertron is downright mythical. And why wouldn’t you want to visit a planet that is not only the site of a massive battle between nigh-Lovecraftian cosmic forces but also maybe the body of Robot God?

It all begins with Unicron, an evil robotic force that basically messes up the universe preceding the Big Bang, which then created our current reality. Not content to stop at one reality, Unicron set about messing up this one. In particular, he started eating up planets like another Marvel character called, let’s say, “Schmalactus.”

Unicron versus Primus

However, he was met by Primus, a big, robotic force for good created by the sentient core of the universe itself. Don’t ask questions. Anyway, a galactic battle ensued between Unicron and Primus. Though Primus was outmatched in terms of sheer power, he wasn’t completely out of the fight, even after many millennia.

Ultimately, Primus tricked Unicron into reentering our reality. Both of them become imprisoned in giant metallic asteroids. Over the eons, both learn to use their psionic powers to reshape the asteroids into different forms, including whole planets. Primus becomes Cybertron, a world that eventually hosts sentient, evolving robot life: a.k.a., the Transformers and the Decepticons.

Word is, if you can travel to the core of Cybertron, you can even see the face of the slumbering Primus. Whether or not that’s true depends on your level of belief and also what version of the Transformers franchise you are consuming. Why not visit Cybertron and find out for yourself?