25 of the best fictional planets to visit

KRYPTON (Photo by: SYFY)
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4. Risa (Star Trek)

Risa is not for everybody. It’s only healthy to admit that right now before you head on down to this party planet with some incorrect expectations. Do you just want to find a quiet poolside seat somewhere to finish your volume of James Joyce’s Ulysses? Or are you just fundamentally unable to loosen up in front of other people, to the point where you wear your work uniform on vacation? Then, sorry to say, Risa is not your best bet. You’ll be so frequently accosted by beautiful people looking for a good time that you won’t make it past page two.

In the world of Star Trek, Risa is a planet used entirely as a vacation spot, sort of like a cosmic Cancun on perpetual spring break. If that actually sounds like a good time, then pack your swim trunks and get on the next shuttle heading down there. Otherwise, a staycation in your quarters is nothing to be ashamed of.

Risa, also known as Epsilon Ceti B II, is well known for its temperate atmosphere and verdant beauty. Well, as long as the weather modification network keeps the natural patterns of violent torrential rainfall at bay. Otherwise, everyone’s happy.

The Risan people are also known for being, let’s say, very open with their resources. They are generally friendly, though those of us with a David Foster Wallace bent might wonder if the Risans are more friendly in the presence of someone with whatever passes for money in this society.