25 of the best fictional planets to visit

KRYPTON (Photo by: SYFY)
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6. Coruscant (Star Wars)

Listen, you don’t want to visit the world of The Jetsons. First of all, it’s just Earth. That might be exciting for an alien, but we’re all presumably plain old humans. It’s also pretty depressing. The dark backstory to The Jetsons includes an environmentally devastated Earth, where ground-hugging smog is so awful that humans try to live above the filthy clouds. That’s where we get all the neat flying machines and towering homes with midcentury vibes. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Maybe it’s a little easier when it’s not your own planet covered in technological advancements both good and bad. If that sounds more palatable, then you should consider a visit to Coruscant in the Star Wars reality.


While other planets are heavily developed, few can boast that a single city covers the entire surface. It would kind of need to be like that, considering that Coruscant lies at the very heart of the Star Wars saga. The planet has gone under numerous names and regimes since the beginning of the story as we know it, from the Imperial Center to Galactic City, to the City of Spires.

It also helps that Coruscant is the navigational center of the galaxy. Practically everyone deals with Coruscant in some way, meaning that it’s the richest and one of the most powerful worlds in the galaxy. If you’re looking for luxury, this planet is a pretty good bet.

Or, maybe you just want to get lost in the staggering sight of an ecumenopolis; that is, a planet covered by one massive city. Traveling from the Senate District to a particular alien neighborhood might take an hour in a large city elsewhere. On Coruscant, that could take at least a day or two. That’s plenty of time for gawking.