Harry Potter vs. Star Wars: Could both theme park openings happen in Fall 2019?


Two anticipated theme park openings are on the horizon. Could both Star Wars Land and the new Harry Potter roller coaster open in Fall 2019?

Theme park openings are big business. For years prior to the rope drop, fans eagerly anticipate each detail and revelation about a new theme park offering. For Star Wars and Harry Potter fans, both Disney and Universal Orlando have highlight anticipated additions coming to the respective theme parks. Could the openings happen around the same time frame?

Disney has confirmed that Star Wars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will open in Fall 2019. For a while, the Star Wars Land model has been on display at the Disney theme park. Also, Disney has released drone footage of construction updates. Fans try to peak over the walls, gawk at the construction from the parking lot and wonder what new info will be released.

The Star Wars Land will have the Millennium Falcon ride, immersive experiences and much more. While the exact opening date isn’t clear, fans are starting to plan their trip. Could that trip also include a visit to another Orlando theme park?

For Universal Orlando, the Harry Potter ride that is replacing Dragon Challenge is slowly taking shape. While no one is quite sure about the direction, shape or details of this ride, everyone is coming up with their own theories.

The only information that is known was a quick statement during this year’s Fast and Furious media event. The new Harry Potter ride is expected to be a family inclusive ride, yet still quite thrilling and filled with technological advancements. While the exact theme or story hasn’t been revealed, everyone knows that it will feature something special from the magical, wizarding world.

Rumors are swirling that the new Harry Potter themed ride will open in Fall 2019. Could that lead to a head to head face-off between Star Wars fans and Harry Potter fans? An epic theme park battle for your vacations dollars could be on the horizon. Who is the winner in this situation? The Orlando vacation industry is the obvious answer.

Truthfully, it isn’t unlikely that the launches could happen around the same time. Have you ever noticed that as soon as one theme park makes a new ride announcement that another theme park follows up with its own announcement? It seems like one park is always looking to out shine the others.

For example, both Disney and Universal had huge launches last summer. Universal opened its third theme park, the water park Volcano Bay. Disney added Pandora to Animal Kingdom. Both launches happened within days of each other.

Launching in fall is an unusual choice for many reasons. A Spring launch would ensure even bigger summer vacation crowds. That scenario wouldn’t necessarily appeal to locals and pass holders. Still, that timeframe has a built-in audience.

A fall launch has some appeal to the theme park industry. The annual IAAPA conference in Orlando is held in November. All those industry insiders would love to see both new rides in a single trip.

Also, a fall launch would appeal to the holiday traveler. Holidays at a theme park are quite magical. Add new experiences to that special time of year and theme parks have a huge windfall.

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Could the new Harry Potter ride open around the same time as Star Wars Land? Totally possible.

All I can say is start saving your money for that vacation and theme park admission. Prices will probably be going up too.