Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration is the nighttime show you need to see


Cinematic Celebration, Universal Orlando’s new nighttime show is a festival for the eyes. Don’t blink or you might miss a special moment.

Finally, Universal Orlando has an amazing show to end a day of fun. Cinematic Celebration is the dramatic nighttime spectacular that impresses with both its size and creativity. You might have to see the show several times to appreciate all the special moments.

With technical rehearsals over, Universal Orlando announced that its new nighttime show at Universal Studios Orlando, Cinematic Celebration, will be shown on select nights. According to the theme park website, the nighttime show will run at 9:45 p.m. on select nights.

Shown on the lagoon, the nighttime show is a combination of lights, water fountains, projections and fireworks. Guests can stand in the specially built area to view the show. Based on the start time, people can see both the Nighttime Lights in Hogsmeade in the Islands of Adventure and then see this show to end the day at Universal Orlando Resort.

Cinematic Celebration, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resorts.

Looking at the visuals, this nighttime show incorporates some of the favorite and famous characters from the park. From the hilarious Minions to the magical Harry Potter, this show has something for everyone. It’s definitely a fun way to end the day.

This new nighttime show is the replacement to a previous nighttime lagoon show that ended in October 2017. This new show incorporated 120 dancing fountains, panoramic water screens, pyrotechnics, lasers and projection mapping. Also, it incorporates both the scenery around the lagoon.

Cinematic Celebration, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resorts.

For a nighttime show, Universal’s use of different themes and methods for this nighttime show is quite impressive. Finding a way to span all the memorable Universal characters into a 20-minute show isn’t easy. So many people go to Universal just for Harry Potter; they don’t remember that E.T. and the Minions are part of the same entertainment family. Sure the rides are around the park, but those classic movie elements are etched into fans memories and pop culture as a whole.

Universal’s theme park is about movie magic. Those favorite characters that fans closely identify with are no longer the two-dimensional image on a screen. The rides, themed-areas and experiences are immersive and solidify the fan to the character. Even the non-diehard fan leaves with a great appreciation for the characters.

Cinematic Celebration, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resorts

The only downside to this nighttime show is the viewing area. While Universal built a special viewing area, it can be slightly difficult for shorter people to see everything. Being in the front of the viewing area can have a slightly limited view, but being in the back, you can have a blocked view by other guests. Since I haven’t found the exact best viewing area (yet), I will keep trying.

Even if you can’t see the projections clearly, there are so many elements to watch that the show is still entertaining. Personally, I just like watching the fountains, colors and fireworks. It is nice to have a big event to end the day at Universal Studios.

Although this nighttime show is currently available, it seems like it will not be shown during Halloween Horror Nights. The fun of this show doesn’t quite mesh with the slightly darker, scary Halloween event. Also, it will be interesting to see if this show changes for the holidays. Given the projections, holiday scenes could replace the classic movie scenes. It might be a nice way to keep the show fresh.

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If you’re planning a visit to Unersal Orlando Resorts, make sure you see Cinematic Celebration. It will be a sight that you won’t forget.