Armie Hammer keeps getting peaches to sign and why are we this way?


Fan culture is known for taking bits too far and the latest is having Armie Hammer sign a lot of peaches at the stage door for Straight White Men.

Armie Hammer is currently starring in Straight White Men on Broadway and fans are bringing him some interesting things to sign at the stage door. Hot off his performance as Oliver in the award-winning film Call Me By Your Name, it seems as if Armie has been getting a lot of peaches to sign.

During The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Armie discussed the strange request of his fans.

Here is a key question: Why go with a peach?

Peaches rot. So you’re going to meet an actor you love and then keep a rotted peach he signed?

The skin of a peach isn’t exactly made for sharpies. Secondly, again, the peach will go bad and then your autograph is lost in a rotted, smelly peach. And finally, that scene in Call Me By Your Name is symbolic and captures the struggle that Elio is having with his emotions beautifully. Oliver doesn’t really have a lot to do with that scene other than the fact that he is the object of Elio’s frustrations. Later on, he offers to eat the soiled peach.

Yes, the bit is funny albeit weird giving the context of the peach scene in Call Me By Your Name, but what if we all got a little more creative with this?

There are plenty of peach-themed items out there since the release of the movie, so Hammer could easily sign any of those. Why not print out a picture of Elio, or have Hammer sign a peach bag or phone case? Anything but an actual peach, please.

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You can see Armie Hammer in Straight White Men on Broadway now.