20 MCU characters that will always make us thirsty

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Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Still via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment.

We love thirsting after the superheroes of the MCU. So who makes us the thirstiest? Here are 20 characters we love to lust over.

We are all well aware of the fact that the characters of the MCU are attractive. Clearly, the actors know because they work out religiously to give us quite the arm muscles to gawk over. So why not talk about all those characters that leave us parched?

Going to be upfront and state that Peter Parker is not part of this list. He’s a child. If you’re the right age and thirst for him, good for you. For us, we’re adults and he is our son. Please respect this decision.

From the creation of the Dorito body (thank you Chris Evans) to everyone questioning their attraction to Phil Coulson, the MCU is known for bringing us quite the eye-candy to stare at. We’re talking Steve Rogers to Natasha Romanoff and everyone in between. No one is safe from the thirst trap that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But would we have it anyway? We love these movies and we love falling in love with all these gorgeous characters.