5 questions we have after watching Doctor Who’s season 11 teaser


The first teaser trailer for Doctor Who’s season 11 was released, featuring the new companions in the show. Here’s five questions we have after watching.

Get prepared to hope aboard the TARDIS once again, because Doctor Who is coming back later this year with a brand new look and brand new companions. Just ahead of its Comic-Con panel this week, the show released a teaser trailer for season 11.

The teaser trailer (which you can watch down below) doesn’t feature a lot of the Doctor herself, but it does give us a good glimpse at her newest companions: Ryan, Yasmin, and Graham.

So what questions do we have after watching this brief yet exciting teaser trailer? So, so many.

How will the Doctor meet her first companion?

Sometimes, when the Doctor is mildly freaking out before, during and after their regeneration, there’s a companion freaking out even more after finding their friend just transformed into a totally different person. This time, much like David Tennant’s transformation into Matt Smith, the Doctor will be alone, with no one to bear witness to this wild process. That means the Doctor will likely come across one of her new companions with them having no idea about the past adventures with Bill, Clara, or all the others. They might not experience the regeneration process now, but if they hang around long enough, they certainly could.

Why does the Doctor have weird abilities in the teaser?

We’re assuming that the Doctor doesn’t just gain a new set of weird abilities and powers out of the blue, but the teaser trailer makes it seem like that. She dashes by her companions with a trail of light following her like she’s the Flash. And then she somehow reverses time like Doctor Strange to bring back a whole pizza. Maybe some way, somehow, those all have to do with the power of the TARDIS, or perhaps production just added those effects to look cool. Either way those all seem like a bit of a stretch when it comes to what the Doctor can do.

What’s the Doctor’s personality like?

In the teaser trailer, we see a slightly trickster-like Doctor, going around and playing small pranks on these new companions. While the Doctor’s always had a funny bone, could Jodie Whittaker’s version be a lot more light-hearted again? Each of the Doctors has their own unique personality and style, so it’ll be interesting to see how the new head writer plans out her character arc and gives her distinct quirks and character traits.

What kind of vibe can we expect in season 11?

Let’s just say it’s not hard to tell a Russell T. Davies era episode from a Steven Moffat era episode of Doctor Who. Seasons from Davies are very quirky and out-there, while Moffat seasons are a lot more polished and clever (at least most tried to be). So, will the light-hearted and fun feeling in the trailer carry on through this next season? It’s likely that it’ll take some time before the show’s new headrunner, Chris Chibnall, gets into the swing of things.  But as long as the show stays true to its roots,  everything should be fine.

Which companion will we get attached to the most?

They say parents shouldn’t pick their favorite children — but it’s bound to happen sometimes, right? The same goes for companions. While they’re all great, some end up outshining the others. There’s not much we can tell about Ryan, Yasmin, and Graham just from the teaser so far — so we can’t starting picking favorites already. And though Ryan and Yasmin follow the line of young, hip companions, it might be Graham (akin to Rory’s dad or Grandpa Wilf) who actually steals the show. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

You can (re)watch the trailer down below to see if you have any other questions about the new season:

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Season 11 of Doctor Who will air this fall, and there’s bound to a full trailer coming out on Thursday during San Diego Comic-Con. What are you looking forward to seeing the most in the new season?