Doctor Who unveils 13th Doctor merchandise ahead of San Diego Comic-Con


New merchandise is on the way for Doctor Who fans with the arrival of the thirteenth Doctor. From figures to clothes, we know this is only the beginning!

The Thirteenth Doctor is in her TARDIS and ready to head to our TV screens soon. But to get us excited before the new season airs, there’s some new Doctor Who merchandise promptly on its way.

Anyone looking to get the first figures of Thirteen are in luck, as BBC studios announced three new toys will be available to purchase at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend.

The first of the toys comes from Titan, which is making two limited edition figures available. One toy features their signature look, while the other is a more cutesie, anime-style Thirteenth Doctor. For those of you who can’t make it to Comic-Con to nab one, any remaining figures will be up for sale on Hot Topic and The BBC shop online.

Titan’s figures for Doctor Who’s thirteenth Doctor.

Funko also unveiled its contribution to the new Who merchandise with a new Pop! figure. This also features the Thirteenth Doctor, and it actually looks pretty neat. The outfit is very well-detailed, just like Titan’s, even showing off her golden earrings.

With this Pop! figure for the new season, we’re sure serious collectors will be curious to know what the box for this looks like as well. For that, you’ll just have to check out the Funko or BBC America booth at Comic-Con. And if not, it’ll be available in the fall for everyone else to buy.

Funko’s 13th Doctor Pop! figure for San Diego Comic-Con.

Lastly, for those looking for some fashionable Doctor Who, merch Her Universe will be creating a line specifically dedicated to everyone’s favorite time traveler. A first preview of the line (which you can see in the Tweet down below) is a full-out replica of Thirteen’s outfit.

Those items include her rainbow top, coat, and blue pants. If you don’t have your cosplay outfit ready at Comic-Con, you can purchase these at the Her Universe booth. And if you don’t make it there, the entire line will be out later this fall.

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It looks like the merchandise for season 11 of Doctor Who is shaping up to be pretty good. Once the fall arrives, we’re sure more figures will be out, including ones of her new companions!