We just might get a Doctor Who Christmas special with Jodie Whittaker this year


New information points to the possibility of a new Doctor Who Christmas special coming for 2018, despite having a shorter season this year.

We might be able to rest easy in the coming months knowing that the new Who will continue a tradition that we’ve seen time and time before. The new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, just might get a Christmas special of her own this year in a shorter-than-usual season after all.

We last saw Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor when she transformed from Peter Capaldi’s version to the new body in the previous Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time.”

The buzz about a possible new Christmas special this year started with the help of Twitter user @Ruther2. They discovered a special credit on aWho editor’s resume. If you look closely at editor Edel McDonnell’s online credits, you’ll see he lists a “DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special” as one of his projects.

The director for the project would be Wayne Yip, who’s directed two other episodes in the previous season (“The Lie of the Land” and Empress of Mars”).

So is the cat out of the bag thanks to this keen-eyed fan? It certainly could be, seeing as Yip hasn’t directed any other Christmas special before — making this credit truly unique. McDonnell also worked as an editor on other Doctor Who projects, so it certainly does seem like this new Christmas special could be the truth.

The possibility of a Christmas special occurring this year was up for debate because season 11 will be shorter than other seasons. While most seasons have been about 12 or 13 episodes, the new season will only be 10 episodes. So with the loss of two or three extra adventures, you could see why fans would be worried that the new season would lose the tradition of having a special.

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Season 11 of Doctor Who is set to air this fall. We’ll likely get some sort of glimpse at the new season when Doctor Who comes to San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

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