20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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The run from the librarian – Monsters University

Every one of Pixar’s films is an instant classic; however, most of the movies’ strongest moments are rooted in the original films and not necessarily their sequels (aside from the Toy Story movies).  Monsters University, however, breaks the mold with this library chase, as Mike, Sully, and the rest of their fraternity battle it out with the university librarian in order to make their way through a level of the campus-wide fraternity competition.

While this may not be a core scene of the film or a prominent moment to the beginnings of Mike and Sully’s lifelong friendship, it is a memorable one because of all the action — action one would never imagine seeing in a library.

For those of us who attended college, this scene might call up some nostalgia. We might not have been fending off a large, tentacled monster, but many of us have been under the librarian’s disappointed gaze after speaking a little too loudly or laughing through the stacks.

Also, this scene is simply a light-hearted and fun moment, something that Pixar does just as well as it does heart-wrenching endings and suspenseful chase scenes.

So that’s our top 20! These 20 Pixar moments are ones we will never forget. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.