20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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No capes! – The Incredibles

Our introduction to the icon that is Edna Mode was a memorable one. The infamous “no capes” scene is probably one of the most iconic scenes in Pixar’s work — often referenced over 10 years since the film’s release. Why? Because, as previously mentioned, Edna Mode truly is an icon. If she were a real person, we would probably see her on billboards everywhere.

When Robert Parr, better known as Mr. Incredible, goes to Edna’s home in need of some stitching up on his old super suit, he does not expect her to offer to make him a new suit, but Edna is always full of surprises. (She even ends up making suits for his entire family — without any request to do so.)

But while her personality, large black-rimmed glasses, and bouncing bob-style hair are certainly standouts, it’s her reasoning for “no capes!” that makes this scene so funny. Superheroes in comic books and in films often had capes (see Superman, Batman, and so on.) but with The Incredibles, Pixar brought up the commentary that perhaps capes are not really that practical.

Sure they look cool sometimes, but they can also get caught in a jet turbine — and a cape would not look that cool after that, would it?