15 of the best dance routines ever from So You Think You Can Dance

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“Dancing” (Lacey & Kameron, season 3) – Contemporary

Choreographer: Mia Michaels

In the early seasons, Mia Michaels was the golden child of choreographers on SYTYCD, and every number she has done for the show has been beautiful and usually extremely emotional. We probably could’ve made a list of just Mia Michaels routines, but we figured we’d spice it up a little instead.

Hip hop-contemporary dancer Kameron was paired up with swing-Latin ballroom dancer Lacey for this contemporary number to the song “Dancing” by Elisa. Lacey described the dance as “doing the dirty with clothes on” because of how close and intimate Mia wanted them to get. Once you see the performance, you’ll understand why.

It seems like Kameron and Lacey are playing lovers. They started out the dance with the two of them in an embrace, with Kameron playing with Lacey’s hair. They spin around that stage with a fire, with plenty more embraces and a lot more touching.

The most impressive part of this whole performance, though, comes when Lacey runs away from Kameron… then runs back and leaps through the air, wrapping her arms and legs around him before bouncing right back off him. The passion the two had on that stage was just… wow, but that move still leaves us in awe even all these years later.

That one leap was enough to land this performance on our list. Sometimes one standout moment is all it takes, and we know that both Lacey and Kameron are amazing dancers, and this was just another one of their great numbers together on SYTYCD.