15 of the best dance routines ever from So You Think You Can Dance

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TIE: “How It Ends / Shoeless Joe” (Kent & Neil, season 7) – Contemporary / Broadway

Choreographers: Travis Wall / Tyce Diorio

These two dancers were so perfect when paired together that we couldn’t possibly choose just one of their performances! They’re both so amazing — and so very different — that we had to include Kent and Neil’s contemporary and Broadway numbers.

Let’s start with their contemporary number to “How It Ends” choreographed by Travis Wall. This routine is about two best friends who are fighting with each other. Neil’s character does something bad, and stabs Kent in the back. The moment Neil “stabs” Kent, the pain that Kent portrays looks so real it’s hard to believe he wasn’t actually hurt. He falls on Neil for support, but Neil pushes him off and storms away.

Kent isn’t over with him just yet and pushes him, which leads to them having the most beautiful fight ever (sorry, West Side Story). The fight ends with Kent on the ground, and instead of helping him up, Neil pushes him down with his foot. Kent chases after him to reach out to his friend one more time before they go their separate ways.

Both men are incredibly strong contemporary dancers, so the two of them together is just perfection.

Besides both Neil and Kent both being talented contemporary dancers, they also both have incredible gymnastic skills on stage, and they came in handy for this number choreographed by Tyce Diorio. The pair performed to “Shoeless Joe From Hannibal, MO” from the musical Damn Yankees, and played a couple of baseball players.

Right off the bat (no pun intended), Kent comes running in and leap frogs right over Neil’s shoulders. The two of them jump and flip around that stage as if it was easy. Compared to their somber contemporary routine, this one has so much energy, we don’t even know where to look! It was perfect for the goofy Kent to show off his charm — as well as his insane pirouettes!

The routine ends with Neil flipping over Kent, and then the pair slide into home. We’re tired just watching this performance!