15 of the best dance routines ever from So You Think You Can Dance

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“Time” (Lacey & Neil, season 3) – Contemporary

Choreographer: Mia Michaels

Get ready for another tear-jerker from Mia Michaels!

This piece was especially personal to Mia, because it was about her late father, who died two years prior from lung cancer. Lacey represents Mia, and Neil represents her dad, reuniting in heaven and dancing together for the first time since he left her. Even just explaining the routine to the dancers made Mia emotional, because that’s how powerful it was. Neil and Lacey had a lot of pressure on them to do Mia justice, and they definitely did.

Performing to the song “Time” by Billy Porter, Lacey and Neil spot each other from across the stage, which is covered in flowers. They dance towards each other, playfully throwing a flower back and forth. The two joyfully make their way around the stage through the flowers, happy to see each other again.

The piece ends with Lacey picking up a handful of flowers and showering Neil with him as he hands her a single flower. The number left the audience and judges in awe, and even made judge Adam Shankman thank Mia for sharing that deeply personal, special number with the world and “perpetuating true beauty in dance.”

Dance can be really healing for many people. Mia pouring her grief over her father into this piece is proof. A lot of people watching could probably relate to the idea of loss, and were touched by the idea of seeing their loved one again one day, and getting to dance and hold each other one more time.