15 of the best dance routines ever from So You Think You Can Dance

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“Hip Hip Chin Chin” (Lacey & Danny, season 3) – Samba

Choreographer: Dmitry Chaplin

We didn’t include many Latin or ballroom pieces on this list, so please forgive us and accept this steamy routine as our apology!

Lacey and Danny (who is actually Travis Wall’s brother) were paired up and sent to work with Dmitry Chaplin, another SYTYCD alum. The two were tasked with performing a very sexy samba piece, which was no problem at all for Lacey. She’s actually a very accomplished Latin and swing dancer, holding national titles and everything, but Danny’s experience is in jazz, ballet, and contemporary. But that didn’t hold him back!

The two dancers set the stage on fire to the song “Hip Hip Chin Chin” with their undeniable chemistry. Lacey definitely earned her spot on the Hot Tamale Train that night, as Mary Murphy would say! They both knew exactly how to move their hip,s and every lift and extension was executed perfectly. You would think the two had been samba partners for years.

The judges told Danny that what he lacked in Latin technique, he made up for with performance value. Mia Michaels even said it was the sexiest dance that season — and it may be one of the sexiest in the series, since we’re still talking about it today!

Danny and Lacey were definitely two standouts that season, and both made it all the way to the finale. Even though Danny came in second place and Lacey came in third, we’re still talking about their routines more than 10 years later, so they did something right!