Charlie Cox says he’d love for Daredevil to team up with Spider-Man


Daredevil star Charlie Cox revealed which superhero he’d love to team up with. Even if Daredevil’s only on Netflix, we’re begging for this collab anyway.

In our Marvel dream world, there would be no bounds between Disney and Fox or movie theaters and Netflix. All the Marvel heroes could co-exist peacefully and would show up in each other’s TV shows or movies just like the comics.

Unfortunately, that’s not 100 percent possible. But at least we can dream about the perfect team-ups. Even Daredevil’s Charlie Cox has an idea of who his favorite team-up would be. While at a Q&A at Las Vegas Comic Con, Cox was asked which Marvel character he’d love to team up with. For him, the answer was simple. But giving away the answer wasn’t so much.

“I have to be really careful here,” Cox started out, knowing you have to really watch out for how much you can reveal when it comes to Marvel. “And I’ll just preface it by saying I can’t see how this would happen. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t… But it’d be really cool to see; I’d love to do something with Spider-Man.”

After the fan who asked the question jokingly said, “Spider-Man in season 3, got it,” the panel moderator agreed that everyone would love to see that kind of team up in the future.

Much like the fan joked, it’d probably be cool to see Spider-Man in Daredevil, rather than Daredevil appearing in an MCU movie. Spider-Man and Daredevil are both about defending their turf (Queens for Spidey and Hell’s Kitchen for DD), so it’d be cool to see a more “hometown boy” version of Spider-Man. It’d also be refreshing to see your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man actually in the neighborhood (considering Spider-Man: Far From Home is taking place all the way in England).

Now, we don’t know if Matt Murdoch would necessarily be the best role model for Peter Parker to follow. But then again, Tony Stark is currently the guy Peter’s currently looking up to. Which one is better for Peter? That’s hard to decide.

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Moreover, it’d just be nice to have some A-list MCU movie characters appear in a Netflix series for once. Maybe the TV producers think that it’s too taboo for the film characters to show up, but you can bet your bottom dollar it’d help with the ratings if Spider-Man showed up for even 5 minutes. Let’s arrange a meeting with Charlie Cox and Tom Holland ASAP and maybe it could actually work out.