Spider-Man: Far From Home is borrowing an abandoned building


Tom Holland is apparently back in action as Peter Parker for Spider-Man: Far From Home, with England the first stop we’ve actually seen.

For once, we can safely say that Mr. Stark, we feel a little better about what’s going on, mostly because it’s fun to see Tom Holland back at work as Spider-Man. As found by ScreenRant and originally posted to Twitter, filming for Spider-Man: Far From Home seems to have kicked off in the U.K. — England, specifically.

Since the film has a 2019 release date (that’s next year, people; between this, Avengers 4, and Captain Marvel, we expect to be in a Marvel-induced coma by mid-July of 2019 at the earliest), it’s no surprise that production is underway. What could be surprising, though, is that this is an abandoned building.

ScreenRant points out that this could be a job for Spider-Man as opposed to Peter Parker, and we’re inclined to agree with that. There might be some destruction needed for a battle — or otherwise just some training for Spidey to keep his hero skills sharp while he’s away from his neighborhood.

ScreenRant also puts forward the theory that this site might end up playing a major role in the movie, since it’s on location and all. We’ll also take that theory and push it forward by suggesting this could be a lair for Mysterio. Although Jake Gyllenhaal is apparently still just in talks for the villain, Mysterio doesn’t have to be there in order for Spider-Man to see if he can’t get some more information on his current foe.

That building is absolutely nondescript enough to make a perfect supervillain lair, right? Granted, there’s probably no way to make interior changes, even if it is an abandoned building.

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Alright, Spider-fans: it’s time to give us your best Far From Home theory.