First official Shazam! photo shows Zachary Levi’s full costume


The first official photo from Shazam! has been released, and with it we get to see Zachary Levi in costume as the titular superhero.

While there have been leaked photos of the Shazam! set thanks to spectators in Toronto, we have not yet seen our first official look at Zachary Levi in action. However, all of that is starting to change as an official photo has been released from the movie set, and although it may not be an action scene, the actor is in costume.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, fans of Levi and the Shazam! comics now have their first clear look at the newest member of the DCEU pantheon of superheroes. In the photo, it looks like a convenience store run was in order, as both Captain Marvel and his friend are seen drinking a soda outside of the store, with the superhero holding a box of cola under one arm. The costume itself is a major highlight of the photo, as it clearly pays homage to not only the comics themselves, but also the animated movie character.

The costume is a brilliant red bodysuit, with red and gold boots, as well as a short cape and golden arm gauntlets. Speaking to EW, director David Sandberg revealed that the costume has elements of different versions of the character in an effort to give him both the “Golden Age superhero” look and a modern vibe. The addition of the shorter cape was not only in tribute to Shazam’s comic origins, but to also set him apart from other heroes like Superman and Batman.

However, while there are callbacks to earlier versions of Shazam, Sandberg also made sure to give the character some of the more modern touches fans now will recognize. This includes a lightning bolt that glows on his chest, and a hood that was introduced in 2011. The golden gauntlets come from the animated film as well.

The set photo also does one other thing besides show off the costume: it also showcases the muscles that Zachary Levi has been working so hard on in order to play Captain Marvel. While there had been some online speculation and even downright criticism of the actor leading up to filming on the movie, it looks like Levi has been able to achieve the look he needed to embody this particular superhero.

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While this is only the first official look we have of Shazam! and Zachary Levi in costume, we may get lucky and see more once San Diego Comic Con rolls around. For now, at least we have this picture to study and appreciate.