25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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A sweet girl who’s stuck in a very unfortunate situation, Gilly is one of those characters who has a special place in our hearts. She came onto the show when Jon and Samwell run into Craster and his wives on the other side of the Wall.

Gilly is one of Craster’s wives. He’s a monster of a man who sleeps with his daughters and sacrifices his sons to the White Walkers. Samwell ends up falling in love with Gilly, and the two have an adorable relationship that’s lasted all the way through season 7.

That is maybe why we all would fall in love with Gilly at the drop of a hat. She’s cute, fierce, and is one of the few characters on the show who just has us genuinely gushing over her. There is a hope to Gilly that no other character on the show has. When things get tough, she still believes that her life will get better.

So many of these characters we love are tormented and don’t really have any hope left for Westeros. But it is Gilly and her willingness to believe that her life can get better that has us in love with this wildling of a woman!

It helps that she is super cute too!