25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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Bronn may start the series out as little more than Tyrion’s ticket out of a sticky situation, but the two form a friendship and become something that this fandom is still clinging to. So often, the friendships in Game of Thrones don’t last, so to see something like this is a wonderful thing.

All that being said, Bronn is also quite attractive. With bright blue eyes and luscious locks of hair, he isn’t that hard to look at. He does make us a bit thirsty, especially when he does whatever it takes to protect his friends.

When asking a young man about what makes Bronn attractive, my cousin had this to say: “His facial hair complements his natural hair very well.” Basically, everyone can be attracted to Bronn in whatever way.

In Game of Thrones, loyalty goes a long way, and we in the audience recognize that. To see Bronn so determined with Tyrion shows us how he’d defend our honor in whatever way he can. He also doesn’t care about anything, and that nonchalance is pretty sexy, especially in a world where everyone has an ulterior motive.

So Bronn, you make us need a big glass of water … and you’re probably the kind of guy who would insult us before handing us said glass himself.