25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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Tormund Giantsbane

Who doesn’t love a ginger, right? With a big beard and a stocky build, this is one member of the freefolk whom we’d let cross our borders anytime he wanted. Surprisingly, he’s just a hot man. In the world of Westeros, finding a beautifully attractive man outside of King’s Landing or in Winterfell isn’t exactly easy (with a few exceptions).

So this hidden boy up in the mountains? Sign us up please! Tormund starts his time on the show as an enemy of Jon Snow, living beyond the Wall and away from the world that Jon, and the rest of Westeros, understand. He is big, burly, and can take on the White Walkers. He’s one guy you definitely want on your side.

And in those cold winter nights when you’re freezing? Don’t worry, he’ll keep you nice and warm. Eventually, he becomes friends with Jon Snow and is a man we know that we can trust. Obviously, he’s someone who’s gotten a lot of growth on the show.

Anyone with that much of a character arc is someone we want to know more about! So you may freeze to death with Tormund  — but at least you’d always feel flustered and parched, because he is one handsome man to look at.