25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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Khal Drogo

The sun and stars of our lives, Khal Drogo gave us Jason Momoa like we had never seen him before, and now not a single one of us is complaining. Maybe this was the character that woke us up to how attractive Momoa is.

Even if it wasn’t, we all weirdly fell in love with the Dothraki who marries Daenerys Targaryen in season 1. At first, he’s abusive, and that’s not the kind of relationship we like to support. But there’s a shift where true love unexpectedly blossoms between these two characters, and we were expected to just go with it.

Lo and behold, we all fell in love with Jason Momoa. Much like Oberyn, Drogo was gone too soon from our lives. Obviously, Jason Momoa is still around, but even Aquaman isn’t the same. Daenerys doesn’t have her Drogo anymore, and it feels like we could have (and should have) seen more of that relationship before he had to die.

Khal Drogo is not only the sexiest character on Game of Thrones, but he is also one of the best examples of character developments that we’ve seen on the show. That’s pretty incredible.

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