25 Game of Thrones characters that bring more fire than ice

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Jorah Mormont

When Jorah Mormont started his somewhat-fragmented tenure as an aide to Daenerys all the way back in season 1, none of us could have really predicted that we’d be thirsting for him … yet here we are. Played by the ever charming Iain Glen, he is one of those secret crushes who can creep up on you and strike when you’re least expecting it.

Maybe it is his unwavering care for Daenerys or the fact that his loyalty truly knows no bounds, but he is one of the more attractive men in the series. But then again, most of the men are terrible people, so his being seemingly decent may have something to do with it.

Jorah is a complex character with a long history, spanning to the First Men. A descendant of the North, Jorah has been with Daenerys from the very beginning, and that kind of loyalty, especially in Game of Thrones, is sexy.

So are we dousing ourselves in water every time he’s on screen? Yes, and that’s not just because he’s frequently in the desert while on screen. He’s sexy, he’s loyal, he can fight, and he’s extremely well-connected. Jorah is one man that you want on your side no matter what, especially just to look at.