Sebastian Stan shares a rare 1940s test picture to help announce the release of Infinity War on DVD


Infinity War is coming to Blu-ray, and Sebastian Stan decided to announce the release in a really cool way: With a rare 1940s test picture of Bucky Barnes!

Sebastian Stan is no stranger to what makes fans excited. Whether it is posting a video of working out with a decapitated Iron Man head in front of him or just a fun video from set, his Instagram has three million followers for a reason.

And now today, he decided to provide us all with a little look into the past.

With a witty caption about Bucky Barnes in the 1940s, Sebastian shared this picture that looks more like Bucky was getting ready for his glamour shot.

Clearly, it is a test shot from Avengers: Infinity War. You can tell because his arm is the one that Shuri makes for him while he is in Wakanda. But it is a really fun way to help get everyone excited for the release of the DVD!

The funny thing is that there are still some theaters showing the movie! So if you want to see it one last time before buying the DVD, you probably can check out your local theater. One of the biggest movies to come out this year, Avengers: Infinity War brought all of our favorite heroes together.

Maybe it could have used a little more Bucky Barnes in it, but it was still was everything we had been waiting for (and then it broke everyone’s hearts). A movie you’ll want to watch over and over again, Infinity War is finally coming home!

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You can get Avengers: Infinity War digitally July 31 and on Blu-Ray August 14. If you have managed to not see the movie until then, godspeed to you all. This is one movie that is going to tear your heart apart.