Chris Hemsworth dons Men in Black’s classic suit and tie in new set photos


Chris Hemsworth is already hard at work on the set of Men in Black 4. That means rocking that signature black suit and sunglasses.

From being one of the founding members of the Avengers (and the God of Thunder) to a secretary for the Ghostbusters, Chris Hemsworth has an eclectic acting resume. TheThor actor is back in action and busy as ever, this time fighting off aliens, and we don’t mean Thanos.

In new set photos shared by Just Jared, Hemsworth can be seen rocking a black suit with a white shirt and black tie for Men in Black 4. Well, the jacket itself is off, but still, this is the classic MIB look we know and love. The look definitely reminds us of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The two donned this simple but chic ensemble in order to protect the Earth from less than pleasant alien invaders (and keeping the other alien visitors in line).

Really the images are nothing more than a chance to look at Chris Hemsworth all dressed up, as none of the set photos actually reveal what is happening or how this scene or scenes relate to the newest Men in Black story.

At this point, very little is known about the upcoming film, including its official title, according to Heroic Hollywood. In fact, even the plot itself has not been revealed, at least not to the general public. We do know the movie will have a more “global” outlook as far as a plot goes, according to Vanity Fair

Men in Black 4 will also introduce an entirely new group of characters, which makes sense considering the addition of Chris Hemsworth to the franchise. Tessa Thompson is set to join up with her Ragnarok co-star, and Kumail Nanjiani has been cast as Pawny, a comedy alien sidekick.

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While we wait to learn more details for Men in Black 4, it’s nice to see Hemsworth all dressed up and ready for action on set. With filming having already begun, we’re likely to get more details about the characters and storyline per set photos. For now, we can at least enjoy these pics of Hemsworth giving us throwback MIB vibes.