10 superhero tattoos that you’ll want to run out and get instantly


Show off your inner superhero with some new ink. Each and every one of these superhero tattoos can offer some heroic inspiration for new ink.

Tattoos are extremely important, they are permanent after all. If you want to have your favorite superhero represented, you want to make sure your ink is great. Sometimes though, you need a bit of inspiration.

Don’t worry, we have some of the most creative tattoos out there for the superhero lover in us all. It doesn’t matter if you love Marcel or DC; these tattoos are going to make you want to go out there and get some ink.

Love superheroes no matter where they came from? Well, then you’re going to love this first one — a Marvel/DC mash-up!

Marvel and DC

The idea of a feud between Marvel and DC comics is almost childish at this point. We all clearly just love heroes and will watch and read anything about them. Whether it is the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe, we’re just excited for superheroes!

So this tattoo is beautiful because it brings together those two worlds. We all have overlaps and this tattoo is a fun way to include them all.

Justice League Comics

This pop art-inspired tattoo is the perfect inspo for any comic book lover. Obviously covering the expansive members of the Justice League, the tattoo shows the owner’s dedication to the characters as well as the original feel of reading a comic book.

You’d need to make sure you have quite the canvas for these kinds of tattoos but they’re worth it if you truly love the Justice League!

Simply Wonder Woman

Sometimes all it takes is a simple tattoo. Just the symbol for your favorite hero could be enough. Wonder Woman, the Amazon goddess who was willing to give up everything to for mankind, is someone a lot of people around the world look up to.

So it isn’t surprising that she has quite a lot of tattoos out there in her honor. And this simple tattoo just shows that everyone can rock their love of Diana Prince.

Watercolor Heroes

Again, another tattoo that is helping to prove that the competing comic book companies can get along. Featuring some of the Justice League and members of the Avengers, the tattoo is beautifully tied together with a watercolor background.

Maybe not the background that many think of when someone says superheroes but this alone is one of the coolest tattoos out there.

Cute Poison Ivy

Heroes aren’t the only ones that get to have fun. A lot of fans turn to the villains of their favorite stories to get tattoos of. One of the most important to note is Poison Ivy. While she is one of Batman’s most famous villains, many relate to her and her plant-loving self.

Not everyone is going to want to have a villain tattooed on them forever but then again, if it is this cute Poison Ivy, why not?

Two-Faced Peter Parker

Peter Parker is a very complex character. Funny, charming, but also a hero because he watched his uncle get murdered in front of him. He’s not just a little kid in a spider inspired suit, running around New York City. That being said, this tattoo does a good job of showing us all the different sides to Peter Parker.

Looking like his Spider-Man mask was ripped off his face, and the detail is incredible. Make sure you have room for this kind of ink because there isn’t one aspect of it you’ll want to miss.

Tiny Logan

The idea that Wolverine is tiny and cute and trying to fight is absolutely adorable. He’s typically this strong character with a cigar and always ready to fight. Now this looks like he and Baby Groot would get along and go run off somewhere together!

Artistic Wonder Woman

An artistic interpretation isn’t exactly a new way to represent your favorite hero but sometimes, they can be beautiful. Want a pin-up Diana Prince? Go for it. Want a beautiful painting version of your favorite Amazon? Look no further than the tattoo above!

Beautifully detailed and just simple enough to capture her power, this tattoo is a unique way to represent a hero you love.

Floral Spider-Man

Adding a little detail along with your superhero tattoo can create a unique display, like the one above. Here, we see a cute little Spider-Man hidden within a bouquet tattoos.

Simple, to the point, and cute, this tattoo offers a different way to display Peter Parker’s superhero alter-ego.

Wonder Woman Meets Bucky Barnes

Sometimes, you love more than one hero at a time. It can be hard to find a detail that combines both, but I can offer you some inspiration! Bucky Barnes and the red star on his arm align well with Diana Prince, who at least on the television show, had a red star on her diadem.

Tying those two heroes together is a fun way to show off your favorites and create an awesome yet simple tattoo!

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