20 MCU characters that will always make us thirsty

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The question is who isn’t thirsty for Zoe Saldana? She is beautiful and funny, and, as Gamora, she is pretty badass. Gamora, the adoptive daughter of Thanos, grew up to not take crap from anyone she didn’t want to deal with.

So that makes her quite the awesome lady, especially when dealing with the other Guardians of the Galaxy. Having to handle Peter Quill is no easy task and the ease at which she puts him into his place is pretty hot. That and her ability to bring any man to his knees with just the flick of her wrist is incredible.

Hopefully, we get more of Gamora because there is a confidence in which she carries herself that has everyone feeling the love for this green goddess. She knows she could kill a man instantly and that confidence is definitely sexy.

No wonder Peter Quill would sacrifice the fate of the entire universe to try and avenge her. Gamora is like no other female out there and she is definitely worth thirsting over.