20 MCU characters that will always make us thirsty

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This should be easy. Heimdall is played by Idris Elba. Need more clarification on why we are parched? Well, if Idris alone doesn’t do it for you, maybe the knowledge that he spent his time trying to save Asgardians during Ragnarok rather than just fleeing will.

That’s right, this hunk of man is caring, protective, and knows how to fight to protect what he loves. Asgard had the greatest man at their gates and we thoroughly enjoyed watching him do whatever necessary to make sure that he and his people were safe.

It was basically the Idris Elba we know and love with contacts and longer hair. And that slight change made the impossibly sexy Idris even more appealing. How we weren’t all wheeled out of Thor: Ragnarok on a stretcher from being dehydrated is still a mystery.

Heimdall is easily a beloved addition to the Thor movies. While his scenes were short, anytime he did appear on screen, we had to fan ourselves.

Will he be one of the ones to return for Avengers 4? Though things don’t look good as he was killed pre-snap, we sure would love to see more Heimdall on screen.