20 MCU characters that will always make us thirsty

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Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson is maybe one of our favorites to thirst over because you know he’d easily be the first to flirt with you. Whether that is Anthony Mackie or Sam Wilson’s charm coming through, the verdict is still out. But we just know that, without fail, he would end up messing with you and it would be delightful and maybe you would instantly fall in love with him.

One of Captain America’s best friends, Sam is one of those characters that we instantly love and can’t really seem to get enough of. He’s sassy, he says what is on his mind, and he isn’t afraid to put Cap in his place.

Sam is one of those men who will actively put himself on the line for what he believes in. If he trusts Steve Rogers, he will fight to bring Bucky Barnes back because it is what his friend wants.

That makes him quite attractive and it also helps that Anthony Mackie never skips leg day. Those thighs could kill, girl.

Sam Wilson will defend your honor, fight to the death for you, and make sure that, no matter what, you’re protected because that’s what he does. Make sure you bring a lemonade to watch him fly around though because you will be parched.