20 MCU characters that will always make us thirsty

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As the God of Mischief, you know Loki has some tricks up his sleeve to make us thirst for him. Add that with the gorgeous Tom Hiddleston playing him in the MCU, and oh, we’re set.

Hiddleston brought a humanity to the trickster god that, without him, the character would maybe just come off as evil. Lucky for us all, Hiddleston was in charge of bringing Loki to life and, through that, we were able to see a man struggle with who he was and try and keep up his relationship with his brother — all while looking absolutely ravishing.

Loki isn’t exactly hard to look at. Sure, his hair can get a bit greasy, but when it is styled the right way, those cheekbones could stop even Thanos in his tracks. His frosty eyes, dark hair, and swagger as he walks truly makes Loki a dangerous man to fans everywhere.

It is easy to fall in love with Loki as he’s struggling to do what is right while fighting his past. He’s so vulnerable and even when he messes up, we want to try and help him. Maybe it is a savior complex but most of us want to help this poor mischevious god.

Is it weird that we find Loki to be a beautiful disaster that we can’t get enough of? Maybe. Either way, the thirst for Loki is definitely real.