How to keep your pet safe and calm during the Fourth of July


A lot of pets get freaked out by the fireworks on July 4th and can even run away. Thankfully, there are ways to make the holiday stress-free for your pet.

Happy Fourth of July! It’s Independence Day, and you know what that means: Fireworks! Most people have a great time going to see the fireworks, but some pets aren’t so lucky.

A lot of pets, and dogs especially, have a lot of fear and anxiety around fireworks. The Humane Society shares that animal shelters nationwide report a large increase of missing pets on the Fourth of July.

So how can you keep your pets safe and calm during July 4th?

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals suggests that you walk your dog before the fireworks start so that they get tired out and are already home beforehand. They also suggest to not leave your pet alone, and give them a safe space to go to if they’re particularly anxious. You definitely don’t want to bring them to any events where fireworks will shoot off.

Because pets go missing so easily on July 4th, you should definitely make sure your pet is microchipped and has tags. If your pet does go missing, file a report immediately.

For those particularly anxious pets, many people swear by the ThunderShirt or other wraps and ways to give your pets pressure. Some pet owners use calming smells to ease their pet’s anxiety, or play music that will drown out the noise of fireworks and parties happening outside. If your dog has a crate, NY Post reports some owners offer their pup CBD treats!

As the ASPCA notes, fireworks aren’t the only problem to worry about on the Fourth of July. They suggest you make sure your pets don’t get into your drinks since alcohol can be dangerous for them. Also, keep your pets away from sunscreen, bug spray, and other chemicals as well as matches and lighter fluid. Be sure to keep toxic glow sticks out of their reach, as well as any fireworks, even unused ones.

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Your furry friend might be totally fine and happy to chill with you during fireworks and celebrations. But if they’re not, follow these easy tips to ensure your pet has a safe and calm holiday.