George H.W. Bush has an adorable new service dog named Sully


Former president George H.W. Bush just welcomed a new service dog into the family, and the yellow Lab is absolutely adorable.

Move over George W. and Jeb. There’s a new member of the Bush family and you know he’s going to be number one in the polls. George H.W. Bush has a new service dog! And Sully the Lab is a very good boy.

The former President has had to go to the hospital a few times over the past several months. So Bush got Sully from America’s Vet Dogs, which is an amazing organization that provides service dogs to veterans and first responders.

According to People, 2-year-old Sully, who was brought home by Bush’s friend and co-former President Bill Clinton, has been trained to help Bush in his daily life and be a companion animal. And both Bush and Clinton look so happy with the good doggo.

And, yes, the adorable pup was named after famous pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, who made that miraculous emergency landing in the Hudson River in 2009.

Before finding his forever family with Bush, Sully was in America’s Vet Dogs’ prison puppy program, which makes me so happy because my dog was in a prison program too. While there, Sully learned basic training and started learning to be a service dog. He then went on to be trained specifically for his new life with Bush.

As Today notes, Sully is entering into a dog-loving family. The Bush family had Millie and Ranger in the White House, and the Cocker Spaniel C. Fred Bush even wrote a book.

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Who knows? Now that he’s an official member of the family, maybe Sully can get his portrait done by George W. Bush?