50 best television shows set across the United States

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Minnesota: Fargo

The premise: Fargo is an anthology series airing on the FX network that takes place, despite what the title suggests, in Minnesota. Each season takes place in a different era, and usually has elements of crime doused in black comedy. The first season was, by far, the most popular, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tolman, Martin Freeman and Colin Hanks.

Season 2 got its fair share of acclaim, starring Kirsten Dunst, Patrick Wildon, and Jesse Plemmons.

The setting: The show has a city right here in the title — even though none of the show actually takes place in that city. Thusly, the importance of place can’t be understated about it. Perhaps it’s something about its remoteness or the presentation of the people as kind and empathetic, but Fargo uses place as a way to further connect the viewers with the characters.

The most Minnesota thing about it: The snow. And the cold. Just the winter in general. I’ve never lived in a place that snow was an actual factor and watching these actors navigate the cold weather makes me feel downright exhausted. I’ve heard Minnesota winters are brutal, and if Fargo is any indication, I’ll take a hard pass.