50 best television shows set across the United States

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Michigan: Good Girls

The premise: Three women, down on their financial luck, plot to rob a grocery store to make some much-needed money. They quickly learn they are in over their heads when they figure out the money they took belongs to a local crime syndicate. Christina Hendricks, Mae Whiteman, and Retta round out this trio of badass ladies, and they quickly adapt to their new lifestyle.

Hendricks’ Beth learns her car salesman husband is cheating and has squandered their money away, and they are in danger of losing their home. Whitman’s Annie needs money to support her young daughter and is in danger of losing custody to her father, who has married a woman of money. Retta’s Ruby has a sick daughter and she wants to use the money they steal to pay for the incredibly expensive medicine she needs to keep her daughter out of kidney failure.

The setting: The show plays out in the suburbs of Detroit, and it highlights how desperate things can get for the middle class. From nearly losing a home to custody battles, all with the background of living in city dealing with high rates of poverty makes for tough scenarious.

The most Detroit thing about it: The show captures the glossy facade of suburban Detroit that hides a desperation and fear about losing a way of life. Each of the ladies represents a different demographic and their struggle with success and prosperity.